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Okay, I’ve blogged while a library science student, but lately I’ve been thinking about keeping an online diary. I’d like to have something more in-depth than Facebook or the 140 characters on Twitter. In this blog I intend to:

  1. keep up to date with family and friends
  2. write about my job search
  3. write about my adventures as a parent
  4. share resources
  5. connect with other librarians

So, in keeping up to date with family and friends, I’ll let you know I’m sick. I’ve been fighting this cold for nearly a week but the exhaustion has taken over and I must rest-I’ve taken tomorrow off. I had to miss my nephew’s birthday party today; my brother and his girlfriend Melinda brought pizza to my parent’s in celebration of my nephew’s 16th birthday. I was supposed to come over but I had to cancel as I was too exhausted & sneezy-then my mom told me they were going to celebrate my birthday as well-which I missed. I’m not that interested in celebrating my birthday but I did feel sad to miss my party.

Job search? Well, it’s going. I’m looking for work overseas. I have always enjoyed traveling and would like my kids to experience the joys of travel as well. I’ve decided to search for work as a federal librarian, which means I’ll work on a base, serving the information needs of enlisted men and women and their families.

The rest of my categories shall have to wait for responses, I am tired and would like to rest. Thank you for reading my blog.

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  1. hey Julie,

    its cool the things you do while being “Crafty” I have had the bone in my body for a while but live has keep me from doing things of that nature in the last couple of years.

    I think my sister in law did work at Air Force Bases as a librarian and I think that is a great idea if you pursue that. I was in the Army for four years and going there was a good outlet for me.
    hope you are doing well.


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