Hi! Just a quick post today, but I have to let you know I’m enjoying blogging. I have two to three drafts going at any time and think it’s pretty cool to share my ideas as I have them ready for ‘publication’.

Okay, Have you used Do you know what I’m talking about? is online social bookmarking, a great way to keep track of your favorite sites. Have you ever wanted to show someone a website but forgot the URL? allows you to easily bookmark favorite websites and because it’s on the web, you can access your account from any web browser (internet explorer, firefox, safari) from any computer. I have made a account for myself and for the Federal Armed Forces Libraries Round Table.

My kids and I were trying to think of a gift for Father’s Day; their dad is a vegetarian and he’s considering becoming vegan. Joel likes to cook but he’s stuck in a rut–it’s pizza or mac and cheese. Instead of sending him a bunch of links to great websites I thought it might be helpful if he had a account–he could access all of these sites in one spot. Voila! Perfect gift! We started with just a few links because he isn’t online a lot. He can add links as he finds new favorites. I set the account up with my email, it’s easily switched to his email once he is “given” the gift (log on and password).

Here’s a quick ‘n’ dirty tutorial to help you set up your own account:

1) go to the delicious home page: click on “join now”

2) add your info–or the info for the person you’re creating the page for

3) start adding your favorite bookmarks

Give a try. It’s a handy tool for keeping track of your favorite websites!

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