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Do you ever listen to the radio online? Does anyone still listen to the radio? YES. Online radio has become a favorite of mine for several reasons:

1) I can tailor the ‘playlist’ to include my favorite artists/songs/genres

2) I can listen to music I don’t own

3) I watched WKRP in Cincinnati when I was a kid–I wanted to be a DJ–access to music, to artists, to concerts–it seemed like the perfect job

If you haven’t given online radio a try, here are several sites for you to start with:









AOL music

My favorites are slacker and pandora. I listened to both heavily after Michael Jackson’s death, I wanted to hear his voice and so much of his music was freely available. With both slacker and pandora I have created playlists based on a song or an artist, which proved humorous as my desire to listen to Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose”  created a playlist of a Japanese rock band of the same name.

I love the holidays and have created several playlists for Halloween and Christmas. I have been making gift bows (expect a new blog post soon…) and hearing Elvis Presley sing “Blue Christmas” and just about anything by Bing Crosby makes crafting fun.

Using online radio stations has rendered all of my other music listening devices nearly obsolete. I no longer listen to books on tape, instead I download an audiobook from my public library website. Using iTunes’ Genius I create playlists of songs-of-a-similar-sound. When I am in the mood for something less familiar, I choose one favored song and create a playlist on slacker or pandora which pulls similar songs which I may not own.

Give online radio a try, let me know what you think, and thanks for reading.

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